Monday, March 28, 2011

Odd Inspiration

Right, soooo. It's yet another miserable Monday only today is much worse than any of the already terrible beginnings to my week: I'm deathly, catastrophically, ill- I might just collapse in the middle of the dingy computer lab I'm furiously writing this post from. Ok whatever that's a lie but I feel like shit and after spending about 1.5 hours stalking my favorite blogs I come across THIS picture via The Man Repeller discussing Sophomore Clothing's newest lookbook.

The first thing that catches my eye is the "TOUCH ME I'M SICK" basic tee- It's funny how that quick glimpse suddenly got me inspired-now that it's almost time to stop bundeling up I am heavily anticipating being able to just throw on jeans (or gasp, shorts) and a t shirt and head out. Here are some of my favorite graphic T's for this season!

Now after debating skipping out on algebra to go home and die slowly in bed, now I believe I'm going to hop on the bus and head to Urban for a little retail therapy. LAATTTERRRRR


  1. love those shirts! awsome blog :)

    xx viviane

  2. i adore all the urban outfitters tees