Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kate Moss, Cigarette Queen

Oh haaay Kate Moss, I was never really one of your giant fans but you've finally got me at cancer stick. Moss made her return to the runway after a three year absence closing the Louis Vuitton show clad with a cigarette in hand. The premise of the show was about "A Woman's Right to Live Life as She Chooses," and Moss conveniently strutted her stuff on National No Smoking Day right after the government announced it was pushing ahead with plans to remove cigarettes from view in stores. SWEEEEET KATE MOSS, HOW REBELLIOUS OF YOU.

However, I do have to admit that I go nuts over artsy pictures of people smoking. Who knew murder could look so good?


  1. smoking looks good, but i think it's better when someone smokes because they like it, not for the visual effect it gives, right?
    great post, great kate!

  2. love kate!! i don't smoke and sometimes i find it really annoying when someone smoke in my face, but i have to admit in this photos all this girls look so sexy, and it shouldn't be banned. xoxo

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  4. I didn't likeKate in that show... :/

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  5. I thought this was an interesting move by Louis Vuitton. Did you also notice Lady Gaga smoking at the Mugler show?! That one shocked me more than Kate!
    Cool blog!

  6. Hey there stranger!!!! So cool running into you last night fo sho!

    Awesome post btdubs, my room mate and I were just talking about smoking/fashion. A trail of smoke leaving one's mouth is indeed super sexy and...dare i say it...appealing, however, yucks.

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  8. this chick was just like LATER world. she'll put her cigarette out on anyone's fat ass forehead.
    nothing tastes as good as smoking a cigarette feels, ya heard?

  9. Well that liitle girl was a product of her environment if any one knows i do.