Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Take Me Away!

Working in the heart of the West Village, I come across tonssss of...unique (?) characters; many from overseas, many with awe-inspiring outfits. More and more, my "oh my GOD where did you get that??" question keeps bringing me back to "oh just some small vintage store on Carnaby Street" or "ohh, you know, somewhere on the King's Road in Chealsea." No people, I DON'T KNOW. This is why I have been spending every spare second available cyber-shopping, attempting to pick up those amazing pieces that I go ape-shit for everytime I see another London-esq fashionista stroll down Bleecker Street. Because after all, what's the cost of an overseas shipping fee and a price tag in Euros in relation to my soon to be FANTASTIC eclectic wardrobe? I'd rather be broke.

PS. University of Westminister? Here I come!

Monday, March 22, 2010

J'adore Wildfox Couture!

love. love. love. LOVEEEEEEEEEE. Spring '10 ad campaign is AMAZING along with everything in the collection- and you can't beat the prices! I am so incredibly into this grungy reinvention of the t-shirt and hoodies- give me everything!






My favorite pieces from the collection:

Photobucket Photobucket
$112, $64

$77, $64

My only complaint? ANTM winner Nicole Fox modeling? stop that.

Monday, March 15, 2010

A. Wang, You Make Me Hot!

And the obsession lives on: although some believe Summer 10's collection is overall unpractical and lacking flare, I will remain in an unnerving obsession with Alexander Wang, especially his SHOESSSS!


Seriously....somebody try to tell me these aren't hot.


Don't worry A. Wang, my love will live on!

Call me from the Pussy Wagon!

So, while i'm vaguely reminded of the Kim Possible theme song in this pointless duet between Beyonce & Lady Gaga, I can't stop watching the Telephone video. despite the fact that the plotline is incredibly pointless and incoherent, Gaga's outfits are REDIC.

Viktor & Rolf custom-made jumpsuit. Cigarette sunglasses? really?

Dress by Jean Charles de Castlebajac- O.M.G give me this!

Outfit & hat by Thierry Mugler. Can you say 1970's Vivienne Westwood?

and my personal fav- Jacket by Search and Destroy! lksjdfdskljf

Honestly, Gaga is the artist I LOVE to hate, but i have to give her credit- bitch is FIERCE. Beyonce, you're an idiot for working with Gaga, she outshined the shit out of you.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The xx: XXX

I refuse to listen to the radio or take MTV off mute from now until the end of time. The music scene today has been molded into an outlet for obnoxious idiots to prance around singing about everything and anything that lacks substance and originality. Artists like Ke$ha (if she can even be considered an artist) are idolized for their lack of brain waves and trash image. These days, who cares if you can sing? if you're hot they'll throw you in a recording studio where your voice is synthesized into something the mainstream public will eat up. Unfortunately, if your looks are anything less than a perfect 10, you're screwed.

This is exactly why I can't stop listening to The xx. The sound of their voices blending together makes me think of two beautiful people in a hopelessly romantic relationship. However, watch their videos or see them live and you'll be shocked. The fact that their physical imperfections, awkward stage presence, and lack of mainstream look can blend together to tell these storys full of friction, passion, and heartbreak make their music all the more enjoyable to listen to. Currently, I feel like The xx is the musical narration to my life.