Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Take Me Away!

Working in the heart of the West Village, I come across tonssss of...unique (?) characters; many from overseas, many with awe-inspiring outfits. More and more, my "oh my GOD where did you get that??" question keeps bringing me back to "oh just some small vintage store on Carnaby Street" or "ohh, you know, somewhere on the King's Road in Chealsea." No people, I DON'T KNOW. This is why I have been spending every spare second available cyber-shopping, attempting to pick up those amazing pieces that I go ape-shit for everytime I see another London-esq fashionista stroll down Bleecker Street. Because after all, what's the cost of an overseas shipping fee and a price tag in Euros in relation to my soon to be FANTASTIC eclectic wardrobe? I'd rather be broke.

PS. University of Westminister? Here I come!

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