Friday, March 11, 2011

Dreaming of Another World...and Tooth Fairies

Check out Guinevere van Seenus in Italian Vogue's March Issue shot by Tim Walker! So. Beautiful. I was immediately shocked at how chilling they were- it was almost like a creepy haunting feeling washed over my body...weird. Walker, who has always been one of my favorite photographers, is definitely an artist with a distinct style- no matter what the story of the shoot is, he always finds a way to incorporate his distinct and offbeat style. I always go nuts for supposed "obscurity," and Walker works it.

Funny though, after reviewing the pictures, all I could think about was that corny early 2000's horror movie "Darkness Falls." Guinevere is totally resembling the demonic tooth fairy terrorizing the characters throughout the entire stupid plot, no? Compare the pictures below:

Haha, Maybe I'm just the creep. But nonetheless- cracking up over this. Au Revoir!

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  1. Wow you're right they are chilling - but amazing at the same time! very beautiful xoxo