Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love Interest: Tilly Bloom

Alllllll about this bitch right now. Famous for her references of sight, blindness and eyes that continuously pop up within her work, Tilly Bloom has taken the title as Winner for my favorite illustration artist. I want, scratch that, NEED every. single. piece. within her jewelry & accessories collection. Oh and her prints? Almost all of them are done entirely in monochrome and are so incredibly hip it hurts. I love how she takes all of these obscure inspirations and meshes them together to create a single unit- things that could never conventionally work together, yet somehow they fit. You can easily spot the influences of Surrealism and The Absurd that she integrates within the Victorian Era, total Sci-fi twilight zone bullshit, folklore creatures, and those little porcelain dolls that alwayssss seem to be watching you. Valentine's day is coming up, buy me "cat in a hat" earrings. Seriously.

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