Thursday, February 10, 2011


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I am fully aware that leather is the last thing on everybody's mind, especially due to the chiffon, lace, and teeny tiny hemlines not so subtly spilling off the NEW RELEASE racks paraded at the front of every major department store in this city. However, I definitelyyy believe that this is the best time to fully take advantage of the S&M trend that was ever so popular last season. Why? Fabulous (and not faux) is now offered for only a fraction of full retail value- scoop it ASAP.

Some of my Favorites!

muubaa Black Leather And Suede Dress
$690 ---> $430 -

Moschino Small Leather Bag
$975 ---> $795 -

NATALIE BROWN Leather Leaf Collar
$270 ---> $240 -
aaaand the newest addition to my closet:

Bird By Juicy Couture Vix Leather Dress. $1,000 ---> $600

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