Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The September Issue

Alright, now that I have to finally admit it's NOT Summer anymore, Fall is in the air, and I'm once again being pummeled with all of the nonsense that comes with a new school year, I need to take a moment to talk about my September Issue. Actually scratch that - my September Issues.

As if we all don't have enough going on already, September always seems to add just that teeennnyyy bit of extra stress to everyone's load (particularly clothing-wise,) almost as to say, "HA! you think you can still laze around in Summer haze? I think not! GET BACK TO REAL LIFE AND BE A RESPONSIBLE ADULT FOR 9 WHOLE MONTHS." Even worse than the tragic farewell of Summer is the complete tease of the Autumn chill in the air - the one that gets you to pile on an incessant amount of layers in the early morning only to be sweating them off by noon. Personally, I start to freak out once it drops below 75 and feverishly throw on every article of fabooossh fall merch I've been dying to wear since about June due to failing to understand that patience is a virtue.

So to make a long story short, my September Issue, amongst other things, is how to transition myself from easy breezy summer clothing while still having the composure to hold off on killinggg it with the shitstorm of new merch I've emptied my bank account over for fall.

My preferences?

Stick with sleeved chiffon, lace, and huge holey sweaters paired with shorts or hot pants. Go all RUDE BOY with just a bandeau or basic bra to stay cool underneath.

Ankle skinnys with Summer platforms and a basic tank is super versatile. Throw on a thin blazer in the AM or late at night.
Dresses from summer can be worn all year round - throw them on with a long vest and desert boots and it's all gravy baby!

All images via Nasty Gal

a.) I can't get through Vogue's actual September Issue until cliffsnotes are debuted
b.)Why isn't Kristen Stuart dead yet
c.) How can I maintain a crackhead chic lifestyle....without actually becoming a crackhead?

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