Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fashion Fail

For the past few seasons, one-shouldered dresses have been a staple fitting for every girl's wardrobe. Celebs like Kim Kardashian have literally created a one shoulder MOVEMENT. But let's take a look at what seems to be the one-shouldered frock 2.0: The One-Sleeve. Yes, I have just turned the One-Sleeve into a noun. and Yes, it has been written that way on purpose-
meant to be read as an ominous, terrible, and stupid looking wardrobe choice.
Perhaps my narrow-minded view of the One-Sleeve comes from the fact that it made it's Red Carpet debut on none other than the one person probably even more stupid looking than the garment itself: Kristen Stewart.
Personally, I believe that the one-shoulder emphasizes a woman's clavicle in the most beautiful and flattering way possible; giving a certain feminine touch that can tend to be overlooked in the days of watermelon cleavage worthy of Heidi Montag. However, the One-Sleeve somehow masks my eyes from any attractiveness of the dress and the person wearing it, by drawing my eyes to the fact that it looks as if someone just got lazy making the dress and decided to say "screw it" 3/4ths of the way finished.
Word of advice- to avoid looking as stupid as Kristen Stewart (if that is even humanly possible) make sure both of your sleeves are attached before leaving the house. Holl@!

Ellie Saab Fall 2009 Couture Collection

Herve Leger, Fall 2010
(....still stupid)

Kristen Stewart- I wish you would get eaten by a stupid vampire in real life and die. That is all

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