Monday, November 21, 2011

Screamin' SATAN

THE DEVIL AND GOD ARE RAGING INSIDE ME. No, but really. As many of you know, they totally are. In fact, this constant inner-battle has created an unnerving obsession with all things related to the aforementioned. It's not surprising that I am often found returning from shopping binges with an array of both questionable and borderline offensive merch. Sorry? Not sorry? I suppose a bit of both.

However, I am always intrigued when I spot the mainstream mass of retailers capitalizing on the Jesus train. Or is it the Devil that's leading the way? (Can you see the conflict here?) Whatever. Once a hush-hush trend confined to goth girls and a ring of underground bloggers, sporting religious paraphernalia has morphed from being a symbol to announce your beliefs to (in extreme cases) an artistic way of flipping the bird to whoever's looking. The fashion world has taken a symbol of faith and created yet another symbol of status.

Being one who is always looking to cause some type of inappropriate scene, I have found comfort somewhere in the middle of this religious massacre. Despite my personal beliefs being roughly non-existant, I feel that there's a true artistic trend to be found in crossing the line (yup, shitty pun intended.) History has seen the shape of the cross evolve not just in Christianity, but in various forms of Paganism, the Gothic culture, and on bad ass babes like Madonna.

So, rage on, my cross-laiden ladies and gents; DO YOUR THANG. May you never feel as conflicted in choosing between the Devil & God as I do on a regular basis.

Also, here's the picture/album/artist responsible for my questionable body art. enjoy!


  1. Intersting post sweetie! I was thinking...maybe we can follow each other?! XoXo

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